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Importance of Digital Marketing

Many marketers are inclined to run headlong at digital marketing with a limited amount of knowledge. Brand value drops and reputations can be lost forever.

It's important that one understands key marketing and business models because that is what will help in shaping your strategy. Once you have a strategic plan, you will need to gain an understanding of consumer behavior, market factors, segmentation, and the 4 Ps of marketing.

The social media revolution has completely changed the internet and consumer behavior. The penetration of broadband has increased speed, internet usage and user expectation with over 40 percent of the world now online and over 90 percent in many countries. Analytics has grown to the level where we can understand our consumers’ behavior in real-time, including not just their usage statistics but also their demographics and even interests. Google has become an enormous organization and owns the search globally.

Hence digital marketing has become an integral part of all marketing activities- PR, creative direction, brand, CRM, retention, product development, pricing, proposition, and communications.

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Data courtesy: Digital Marketing Strategy By Simon Kingsnorth

Image courtesy: Unsplash

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